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Plugin Cinema 4d R17 18

Good evening! Dear developers, thank you for the opportunity to use this plugin for free, love it! But after updating Cinema 4D to the R23 version, it is absolutely not compatible and I am deprived of joy to create my waves.I understand that I am not the first who writes you about it, but can I find out when I get a compatible version of the plug-in with the latest update Cinema?Thank you!

Plugin Cinema 4d R17 18

Workaround for MacOS Catalina plugin:This works for R21.When you get the verification error for the .xlib file, while the dialog box is still opengo to System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> GeneralYou should be able to allow it to run. Quit C4D.Launch C4D and again it you might pop up another verification error. Go togo to System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> Generaland repeat. Quit C4D. Now that the .xlib files have permission it should load up fine when you launch C4D.

- We have added support for Redshift & ProRender (GPU & hybrid configuration) render engines- Redshift support also includes AOVs outputs- Redshift Altus denoisers systems are blocked. Only OptiX denoiser is supported- Our plugin supports Redshift assets linked to local directories, default Redshift \Cache\ folder and .lib4d paths- GPU render scenes will be automatically set to our nVidia K80 systems

- Cinema4D plugin temporary directory - now C4D plugin can operate on files using temporary directory defined in renderBeamer settings- Added support for texture sequences for VRay HDRI Area/Dome light- Supported output path character length has been reduced to 200 chars due to cinema command line limitations- Improved handling of TurbulenceFD caches. Now the plugin will check the scene for TurbulenceFD structure caches and will show a prompt about relinking procedure required on the farm side if any are found.

- Rebuilt checking procedure - all validations are made before running the UI of the plugin, single prompt for multiple errors introduced- Cost calculator addon introduced to the plugins shelf (renderBeamer: Cost calculator)- Plugin logs are now created per camera\take- Fixed issue with scene renaming in the Tiled mode- Improved speed and stability- Other minor fixes

- New plugin UI with a lot of additional options and features.- Plugin modes are separated for Animation, Tiles, and Takes- With Animation mode, you can now render multiple cameras. Every camera got separated frame range and stepEach camera is rendered as the separated job and got own output path- With Tiles mode, you can now render high-resolution single frame still shot. This mode should be used only in scenes without any animation!If animation in your scene exists, the plugin will merge the whole scene into one object, and set a selected frame to render range- Takes mode, you can now render your animated the scene using takes render system. The plugin reads all takes setups and just forwarding it to UIYou can also turn on and off ever take. Plugin forwards cameras and renders settings for each takeThat means you can now select "Export settings" option between "Global" (for the whole scene) or "Per take" (different render settings for each take)- Added full support for VRay 3.6 - including pre-cached GI maps & render elements - Improved checker procedure for missing non-cached dynamics (all kind of tags - dynamics, cloth, mograph, particles and so on)- Improved pre-cached GI maps. Now each of GI engine (IC, LM, RM) can have pre-cached GI map for farm rendering- A lot of improvements in plugin stability and speed

- Improved caching checker for C4D tags - now all mograph, dynamics, and cloth tags are checked for a missing cache. When uploading with the plugin, you can select to skip caching- Fixed issue with not uploaded GI maps (Irradiance) when using "full animation mode" switch

- Major updates to C4D scenes with Anima plugin- Auto baking of anima projects from C4D upon upload- Aniprojects are now loaded and linked as .anipack- Purchased assets included in .anipack

- Added blocker for GPU based render engines. For GPU based rendering server renting, please contact us- Added blocker & prompt about non-supported assets formats (video textures) and video output formats- Added support for UNC network paths- Fixed unsupported type of signs in takes names- Fixed copying camera tags when using tiled camera plugin mode- Fixed XParticles prompt about caches

Before starting... I had been searching for ages to try and find the C4D ShadowCatcher plugin. Luckily after pages and pages I finally managed to track it down back in 2008. So for this tutorial you can download it from this site (It's FREE). It has been tested in Cinema 4D R9 through to R17.

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