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How I Got Here:
Inspired by Space Opera

In 1966, I was born in Pittsburgh. Later that year, Star Trek, the Original Series came to TV. As a small boy, I watched it when it was still being made. I did not understand the romance scenes at all. But I understood the conflicts, the enemies, the dramatic situations presented weekly.

I learned to read early.

My aunt Patty was a Star Trek fan with hundreds of Series novels.  When I was a boy, she let me borrow them from her reading shelf, carefully replacing each one when done. My Grandmother (who came to America from What is now Belarus as an immigrant), would take me around Pittsburgh Thrift stores, and give me a single dome to buy a book. Usually, there were a lot of science fiction titles by Heinlein, Asimov, and LeGuin.  

When I was 10, I witnessed the murder of my Grandfather. Later that year, with the aid of an SFRPG called Traveller, I began crafting stories of a vast Far Future "Paracosm" - A dream space of fictional adventures, where good triumphs over evil. 
I wrote short stories and created worlds and characters for this fictional universe. I learned to write screenplays.

In 2014, I joined NaNoWriMo, took the plunge, and dedicated myself to writing Novels. That was when I first wrote about Nisa Jax, the daughter of an interstellar shipping magnate named Kars Vandor.

I am of the world, but I don't live in the day-to-day world.  I exist in a mental paracosm of the Far Future. I have created hundreds of fictional worlds, characters, and situations.
I can close my eyes, and imagine alien creatures, and fleets of starships battling in space between the stars. I write daily to give these stories life on the page, outside of my imagination.

To learn more about my work, browse my newly updated Author Portfolio, and get in touch if you have any questions.

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