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Post Processor Heidenhain 530 Per 19

This page gives you access to standard posts for common CNCs and controls. The posts provided here are only compatible with our products Fusion 360, HSMWorks and Inventor CAM, and while we try to make the posts work on most CNCs out of the box, there are many factors that can cause a post to not be compatible with your particular setup. When you use a new post make sure to test it carefully as the post might not match your particular CNC configuration and requirements. It is your sole responsibility to make sure you use components that are compatible with your CNC.

Post Processor Heidenhain 530 Per 19

Hi, I have a Deckel Maho DMU Monoblock 80. It has a Heidenhain iTNC 530 control. The post works perfectly well in 3-Axis but I need help editing the post for 5-Axis Machining, I don't have a lot of experience editing post processors for Fusion as they were always using Mastercam to program the machine. I have loads of experience programming 5-Axis machines I just need help with the post. Thanks

You can post your requirements. We will guide you how to modified the post. Or contact one of our CAM partners who offer post customization services. You will find these partners here: Service Marketplace

The machine is a Deckel Maho Monoblock 80, it has "B" and "C" axis. I need to edit the post so the machine can rotate in those two axis. It used to be programmed with Edgecam and the post then uses both Cycle 19 and Plane Spatial when rotating, I know it has to be edited somewhere in the below example:

I posted the code and do get a F2000 after the FMAX on Line 13 as I see in your posted code. In both screen shots and on most machines having the feed rate one time is good enough as the feed rate stays model throughout a program until a new feedrate is called. I changed the plunge rate to 1500 and got that in the posted code also like I think you are reffering to in the information you provided.

Not sure what is not coming out correctly for you since everything looks correct. Very old machines did need feed rates on every line, but the machine would have to be 30+ years old since that is the last time I seen a machine requiring that output. Now if you wanting feed rate forced on every line that there is a move then you will need to change the plinout and the pcirout sections of the post and use a * before pfeed like so *pfeed. Not sure just throwing out possible suggestions.

I think you will find that your logic does little unfortunately. The feedrate as far as mastercam is concerned has never changed. You need to flag when the smaxrate has been output in the prapidout post block then force the output in pfeed.

Below is a list of our post processors from the legacy versions of software. These posts were originally created for the BobCAD-CAM standalone software V25-V28 and the BobCAM Plug-in for SolidWorks V2-V5.

These posts can be installed in the current versions of the software, however they have not been optimized for the newest version of the posting engine. They are using old post variables and do not have the newest post questions and blocks. Because of this some of the newer features of the software may not work, and some of the code output may be incorrect.

If you plan on installing and using these posts in the current versions of software, please do so at your own risk. Ensure proper testing is done prior to cutting anything on your machine. There will likely need to be some corrections made to the code before it can be used. 350c69d7ab

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