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Updated: Dec 14, 2022

I love, I am saying "LOVE" writing prompts!

I have a half-dozen books of hundreds of prompts from multiple authors. When I get up, I make coffee, and to get started in the morning, I will start with a writing prompt. Sometimes, I will read a book of writing prompts, and I get a scene, or enough material for a short story, or even, with a little development, a full novel. I learned a little trick from an author I know, she writes in high speed bursts of 15 minutes. Enough time to whip out your phone, and just type something, while at a meal, or waiting for transport. 15 minutes at a time is not a huge months-long block of your life. But, 15 minutes at a time, you will make progress. it is not intimidating. And you won't feel tired. And you get the idea down, it is not lost. To inspire the future Space Opera Authors out there, here are 6 PROMPTS: 1. Write a short story or scene that features a scary, but friendly alien.

2. Write about the aftermath of a battle in space.

3. Write a description (short or long) of what an alien world looks like from orbit.

4. Write about an alien creature, and its habitat.

5. Write about someone sacrificing something for someone else.

6. Write about an alien spaceport, tiny or a vast complex, up to you.

I ask you to write for fifteen minutes. After you are done, please post your creation in the comments. Please give constructive feedback to a few other writers, on their work.

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