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I've been working behind the scenes

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

I've been working behind the scenes to get more writing done than on keeping the site up. Which is potentially a marketing failure, but that's what it is.

I've tried unsuccessfully in the past to find people to help me to write blog posts, but it turns out that many of them were just scammers, or said they knew about science fiction, but didn't really have a clue other than they might have heard of Star Wars.

Thus I will take the time to do blog post personally.

I have friends who are relatively famous "name" authors who spend no time working on their site, because they are just cranking out books. When I say to them, "Hey, ah... you know you have not updated your site for a year?" they say "Yeah, I've been working." I completely get it, now.

This week, my family all got covid-19 here in Thailand, over the course of the week.

I want to thank those fans of my work who have maintained faith in me, and current visitors have been stopping by the site for their interest while I press forward.

The Space Opera books I've been advertising (for the Kars Vandor / Transstellar series) are months late and I'm getting them out there as fast as I can.

Meanwhile I contracted for two new covers for two Cyberpunk books of two different series launches that I will try and finish by the Winter of 2023.

I will push more into doing blog posts, like I used to do at my old website.

I really need to let my fans know what's going on and that I am still alive and I'm still writing.

I've been lucky enough that I was able to get three inoculations for covid here in Thailand, and when I went to the hospital here they gave me the new medicine so I haven't been violently ill unlike so many who lost their lives in America over the past years I know I'm lucky that the technology exists and I was also lucky that in the first wave Thailand handled it pretty well.

But last week my whole family got covid and so we're dealing with that.

The real ironic thing about all this is that actually I got married on the 30th while Jira had covid. I did not have it, so no honeymoon, I ended up sleeping on the floor in my workroom at home, with a sleeping pad, and a light blanket, for a few days. And then I got covid. But I made it.

Since then, we've been managing.

The photos below are pre-wedding photos, taken weeks ago before we had covid (that's why we're not wearing masks.)

So I'm getting things done and moving forward here. Thank you for your ongoing patience, to all my current and future fans.

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